Technology: Termowelding by Framis Italia 

Manufacturing: Bond Factory

Loreto di Rienzo – director D-house laboratorio urbano – 

Stefano Micelli – Professor Economia e Gestione delle Imprese University Ca’Foscari of Venice –

and Marina Spadafora Sustainability Advisor.

Obiettivi del progetto:
D-refashion lab aims to revisit unsold garments through the use of specific technologies to give them a second life.
Output finale:
Final output:
Creation of 4 trench coats representing 4 different types of "customization packages"
Showcased @
D-house press day – Pitti Uomo 100 – White Show Milano 2022 – Fash Rev Lab 2022 – Milan Design Week 2021

An upcycling project that aims to intervene on overstock through the creative application of the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to the graphic team, the D-refashion lab project offers the possibility to see, in digital preview, the different customization possibilities. This method makes it possible to reduce material waste and to set up a more aware supply chain, to contribute to a different perception of technological and artisanal work and to suggest new consumption models.


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