D-house brings together the most innovative technologies and brings added value to research and development, thus helping companies within the fashion, design and automotive industries solve problems and achieve desired results.

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D-house is a point of reference for a wide range of professionals - from stylists, to designers to craftsmans - allowing them to discover hands-on technologies and their actual application in designing and producing products. D-house is also a meeting point for brands and designers in creating vanguard and sustainable projects that are able to evolve the Fashion, Design and Automotive industries thanks to the synergies and collaborations brought to life.

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D-house Academy promotes training courses and opportunities for companies, schools and freelancers in learning how to apply new technologies and materials. D-house Academy is open to creating partnerships with schools and universities at international level in order to help achieve its mission: help to train professionals who are able to satisfy the needs of an ever changing labor market. 

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In D-house technologies are synonymous with sustainability. This commitment has been brought to life thanks to relevant partnerships with several Foundations, including Plef, Planet Life Economy Foundation, Symbola, foundation that promotes a quality-oriented model of development safeguarding Italian excellences, and Fashion Revolution Italia.

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