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June 27th

Urban laboratory

Established in January 2020, D-house is the Urban Laboratory where sustainable futures are designed for the Fashion, Design and Automotive industries thanks to project works, events and courses.

With an innovative approach to R&D and a variety of cutting-edge technologies and materials, D-house is a place where designers, companies, students and associations meet, co-create and learn from each other. 

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our partners

D-house is proud to collaborate with cutting-edge businesses in the fields of technology, materials and sustainability.

D-House academy

Higher Education school for students, designers and product managers specialized in the High-End Fashion, Design and Automotive sectors, born from the unique synergy between Numen - Institute of Technological and Digital Innovation - and D-house.

Thanks to the vast range of courses and masterclasses specifically designed to train highly specialized professionals in the responsible application of the most modern technologies and in the ideation of innovative projects, D-house Academy concretely responds to the needs of a constantly evolving labor market.

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Events, roundtable discussions and workshops to spread knowledge and promote more sustainable futures. 

Innovation Hub

A research and development hub where the most innovative technologies and materials are combined to create circular products, projects and solutions.

Let’s collaborate

D-house Urban Laboratory aims to facilitate the encounter and contamination between brands and designers, companies and students, institutions and universities. From the development of innovative projects for businesses to the ideation of higher education programs, from the organization of events dedicated to specific industries to the design of joint certification models and processes, D-house is the ideal partner for anyone who works or is interested in the Fashion, Design and Automotive sectors. 

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