Game changer

D-house Urban Laboratory - a project ideated and brought to life by the founders of DYLOAN Loreto and Anna Maria Di Rienzo - revolutionizes manufacturing methods by combining tradition with innovation, craftsmanship with modernity.  

Thanks to the extensive knowhow in R&D and in the application of the most cutting-edge technologies and materials, D-house enables and leads innovative product development projects to renew production chains and make them more sustainable.

Since the beginning, D-house has strived to change the game in manufacturing.


D-house creates synergies and puts together international partners in order to promote the adoption of new technologies and materials, with the ultimate goal of developing circular products for a greener tomorrow. 


In the urban laboratory there is a constant attention to new frontiers. By applying the newest  technologies available at global level, it is possible to answer contemporary demand in more competitive and sustainable ways.


By always taking into consideration sustainability it is possible to preserve the environment, inspire all the players of the industry and bring added value to consumers who are more and more aware and demanding. Indeed, sustainability is a fundamental aspect in all projects, products and events that are born and developed within D-house.


Training highly specialized professionals in the responsible application of the most modern technologies is the key in order to make the manufacturing sector even more creative, innovative and sustainable. D-house Academy was thus created to add social value, cultural significance and method to Research & Development thanks to carefully designed courses and masterclasses.