Responsible roots

In D-house urban laboratory every project, product or innovation is developed with a circular frame of mind and with the utmost respect for raw materials, human resources and the environment.

This attention towards sustainability belongs to the set of values that were passed on to D-house by the mother company DYLOAN and is a principle shared also with the several international partners.

Since the beginning, D-house has put
sustainability at the heart of everything.


Developing activities, projects and events according to ethical and environmental principles; 

Creating synergies to enhance sustainability among several players of the industries we operate in; 

Gaining certifications attesting the sustainable quality of our products and services;

Making sustainable projects and processes traceable from start to finish. 


At DYLOAN just as much as at D-house, responsibility has always been an essential element in order to safeguard the environment and bring added value to a consumer who is ever more informed and demanding. At D-house, day-to-day activities are carried out in a fully sustainable manner, with the aim of being of inspiration to other players of the industry. Indeed, it is fundamental to instill and spread a “responsibility culture” in order to build a more sustainable future for everyone.


DYLOAN has kept intact its strong link with the Italian manufacturing heritage and everything it represents: knowledge, origin of raw materials, organizational capabilities, creativity. In D-house new processes, applications and integrations of technology within manufacturing are designed and brought to life everyday, making technological innovation one of the most relevant assets in order to increase sustainability within fashion and design.