D-house Urban Laboratory was established in the heart of Milan in January 2020 as a hub for responsible innovation with a cutting edge approach to R&D, sustainability, application of news technologies and education. It is a place design to facilitate the encounter, co-creation and collaboration among designers, companies, international partners, freelancers and students.

D-house strives to be an example and a source of inspiration in creating more responsible production chains and processes by using advanced technologies in the Fashion, Design, Automotive and Art industries.

It shares its vision and vocation by organizing round table events, workshops, showroom exhibitions and trade fair formats. 


D-house Urban Laboratory - a project ideated and brought to life by the founders of DYLOAN Loreto and Anna Maria Di Rienzo - revolutionizes manufacturing methods by combining tradition with innovation, craftsmanship with modernity. Thanks to an advanced knowhow in R&D and in the application of the most advanced technologies, D-house enables the creation of new, more sustainable products and production methods.

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Sustainability is one of the founding principles of DYLOAN, the company that ideated the D-house project. Since the early 1980s and long before it became a top-of-mind topic, DYLOAN started discussing and safeguarding the importance of Responsibility in the Fashion industry. This value was then transferred and further enhanced in D-house, a hub where every project, product or innovation is developed with a circular frame of mind and with the utmost respect for raw materials, human resources and the environment. 

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D-house was founded and is being developed in partnership with some of the most advanced technology companies and materials worldwide. With them, we share the same vision: revolutionize the Fashion, Design and Automotive industries to make them more sustainable by working in synergy in the creation of circular products and projects.

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