Bond Factory

Bond Factory was established in 1999 in Chieti, a town in Central Italy. It produces unique collections and special products thanks to flexible production processes and the use of technologies that have positioned the company as a pioneer in the application of the most advanced innovations in the Fashion, Art and Design industries. 

Its sophisticated business model allows Bond Factory to effectively balance technological advancements with the desire of safeguarding the value of artisanal manufacturing and the attention to details, a balance which distinguishes all of its productions. 

It’s key pillars are: 

TECHNOLOGY: a variety of different technologies and machines are used for all prototyping, customization and production activities 

CREATIVITY: manufacturing is not considered a simple mechanical task but is always tackled with a creative mind and spirit

ITALIAN EXCELLENCE: all research and development activities are carried out in order to enhance the Italian territory and know-how while always embracing more international needs and vocations 

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