PITTI FILATI 95 - Boreal Horizons

The innovative project between D-house laboratorio urbano and Mandarin Knitting Technology represents a perfect synergy between craftsmanship and advanced technology. This partnership has led to the creation of a unique range of textiles displayed, from June 25th to 27th,  at the urban laboratory's stand, showcasing the capabilities of Mandarin's Thick Design machine. The intricate weavings and inspirations explore material combinations through the use of thick yarns made of wool, rope, and ribbons. Creative combinations of shapes, textures, and materials come to life in the exhibited fabrics, forming dynamic and interlocking geometries. Each piece invites viewers to investigate its creation. In addition to the project developed with Mandarin Knitting Technology, D-house laboratorio urbano has experimented with Kornit's thick digital printing on knitwear. These creations feature undisputedly captivating shades, with a color palette inspired by the infinite shades and nuances of the sky.

Thanks to the partnership between D-house laboratorio urbano and Mandarin, the first chapter of the new D-house Knitwear division is presented. Innovation and technology come to life in what visitors can also discover at D-house laboratorio ubano, the Innovation Hub of the Pattern Group.



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