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Corsi di alta formazione per professionisti e Aziende
Higher training courses for professionals and companies

The role of the accessories designer is undergoing profound changes that require the acquisition of increasingly broad and diversified skills, especially in the field of technological innovation, an irreplaceable ally to undertake a path of modernization that will be the basis of the future of fashion and design. . Research & development, innovation and sustainability are carried out through cutting-edge technologies with the aim of inspiring and guiding future designers towards the discovery of new creative solutions and applications.

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The MASTER in ACCESSORIES DESIGN & DIGITAL MANUFACTURING was born thanks to the technological know-how of Dyloan, the synergy with national and international partners and the support of professionals in the sector.

The Master aims to create new professionals with vertical skills towards the creation of original, ethical and quality accessories such as "EYEWEAR, JEWELRY and HANDBAGS", with the help of new tools for the realization of projects through digital manufacturing, acquiring artisan design methodologies and new languages ​​in the use of digital technologies and systems in the accessories sector, in the management of design processes, 3D modeling, digital embroidery, heat sealing and prototyping using 3D printers.

The training course is aimed at graduates, professionals or students with experience in the Fashion Design or Product Designer sector who intend to supplement their training or specialize in the Accessories sector through innovative tools and technology available for the creation of accessible, creative and sustainable products. In the teaching activity, technical exercises - innovative practices (through cutting-edge software and systems) and theoretical study (foundations for designing through innovative technologies and research of ethical materials) converge: only through this interaction can innovation be brought with a responsible and stimulate and encourage their own creativity

The goal is to provide a new approach, a new creative vision to future Accessories Designers by acquiring the technical and practical use of innovative and sustainable technologies and materials for the realization of circular projects, solutions and products for the design phases, modeling and prototyping, towards the creation of EYEWEAR, JEWELRY and HANDBAGS for the High Fashion market. We want to be the link between the world of technology and creativity with an eye on craftsmanship and sustainability. The didactic path of the Master will help students to develop a more conscious vision in the use of:

- 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros 7.0 -Blender - Grasshopper)

- Artificial intelligence "Midjourney" software for concept design

- Software: GrabCad Print

- 3D scanner

- 3D printers: types (Polijet / Fdm / Sla)

- Stratasys 3D printer that allows you to print directly on fabrics

- Digital embroidery 4.0

- Heat sealing

- Sustainability: study of materials and fabrics to develop a more conscious vision capable of managing the life cycle of a product in order to prevent and reduce its impact on the environment.

- Design: Design and development of projects with ethical and solidarity principles

- The Master is developed in collaboration with our national and international partners

The Master offers candidates a professional preparation and is based on the following principles:









Requisiti base
basic requirements

Piano di studi

study plan

Metodologia della progettazione

Design methodology

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- Search for innovative forms in the light of the potential of new technologies 
- The methods of representation: various techniques to carry out the preliminary study
- Study of instruments and machinery
- Components and constructions: Building blocks, models, iconic models.
- Materials: study of materials and fabrics
- Meeting with responsible materials and design examples
- Analysis and representation of the form and the project
- Analysis and characteristics of machinery and technologies
- Implementation processes


- Introduction to the import and use of stones
- Design and manufacture of rings
- Embossed embossing on rings
- Contrarier ring with central stone
- Solitaire with prong setting
- Track embedding on ring and earring
- Swivel closure with zipper
- Pavé with polished cut and recess
- Create rings with notched liners
- Shield shaped chevalier rings with enamels
- Rigid bracelet with zipper and closure lettering
- Jewelery basket, ring and pendant with stones
- Wire jewelery on large stones
- High jewelery rings with jaws and stones of different shapes and sizes
- 3D modeling: Rhinoceros 7.0 and Blender software
- Realization of prototypes with 3D printers


- Elements for eyewear design
- Components for eyewear and terminologies
- Frame and lens materials
- Lenses and masks
- Elements for sizing the glasses
- Introduction of 3D drawing technique applied to eyewear design
- The process of making an object: from design to 3D modeling
- 3D modeling with software (Rhinoceros 7.0- Blender-Grasshopper)
- Introduction to the “Midjourney” artificial intelligence software for concept design
- Design of your own eyewear line
- 3D printers: types and basic structure
- Study of materials. Design for 3D printers (Polijet / SLA / FDM)
- The process of finishing and coloring the object. (post production)
- 3D modeling and printing laboratory


- Introduction to design with the help of new technologies
- The components and constructions: Constitutive elements of the bag, the models, the iconic models.
- Materials: the design possibilities thanks to 3D printing, the encounter between traditional materials and new technologies. Support materials and design examples
- Innovative research in the light of the design potential with 3D printing
- Technical drawing in orthogonal projection
- The methods of representation (2D, characteristics and constructions, sketch), various techniques to carry out the preliminary study
- Study of the application on the model
- Accessories: Designing by interpreting the mood-board and creating innovative shapes on sketches suitable for the new technical possibilities given by 3D printing
- Finishes and colors
- Fundamentals for making accessories by heat sealing
- Fundamentals for the creation of accessories through digital weaving
- Interaction and assembly of the bag body elements and details, the possible technical solutions.
- 3D modeling: Rhinoceros 7.0 and Blender software
- 3D modeling and printing laboratory
- Development of a stock exchange model.



During the educational path, students will have the opportunity to feel part of a real creative laboratory with the aim of acquiring a clear design, methodological development and practical use of technology.

Candidates will have the opportunity to put their creativity into practice by deepening their knowledge of all the innovative tools (present in the laboratories of the D-house Academy) and their infinite possibilities.

During the development of the laboratory activities the students will be followed by a reference Project Leader teacher for the realization of the projects.

The training package also includes workshops and seminars that will offer students the opportunity to discuss and gain direct experience by developing research projects on specific topics, collaborating with professionals and with the most prestigious brands in the field of fashion and design.

At the end of the course, all the projects carried out will be presented to a selected commission made up of professionals and experts in the sector.





Totale ore Lezioni:
total hours of lessons:
300 lectures + laboratory
January 2023 - July 2023
7 months
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